Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Website Clone Scripts - Reddit Clone by NCrypted

Social bookmarking is a very powerful tool in promoting a website. Reddit is a Social Entertainment and news related website where users can submit the content in the form of text post or in the form of link. Reddit Clone has all the potential to become successful as it helps to increase Search Engine Optimization Ranking due to one type of Link Building Services. The Home page of Reddit Clone will display front page content from selected subreddit, it is a default set but the registered user can easily customize their set. NCrypted offers other various Website Clones of those websites which are popular on the web.

Various important features of NCrypted Reddit Clone are listed below,

  • Reddit Clone Script enables to login into existing account of Facebook and Twitter
  • It also allows adding Video, Pictures, Audios and Articles
  • Reddit Clone is Complete Search Engine Optimized
  • Reddit Clone script by NCrypted enables to add your own widget apart from Blogger, Wordpress, iGoogle, Tumblr, Yahoo in any of the supported sites